Our concept of regional gourmet food

We make the naturalness of Franconia tangible

Naturalness – what does that mean for us? It is the process of honing in on the essentials and concentrating on the land that surrounds us. No food industry, no factory processed products, and no lemonade companies. A rootedness and connection with local producers, winegrowers and craftsmen – because a restaurant and hotel has always been a place for all social classes, where parties are celebrated, contracts are made, and life is lived!

The concept is certainly not new. Through our roots – which lie in South German/Austrian gastronomy – we have grown up to process animals and products of nature sustainably and consciously: When it comes to slaughtering, it’s blood sausage or brain and egg. For us, this is a whole way of life and an attitude that we want to pass on to the next generation. With our vision we address all guests who appreciate the pleasure of good sauces, local butter, refreshing beer, and a good glass of wine without elitism, white gloves or a tie.