The castle hotel under the management of Alexandra and Andreas Rehberger

Sleeping, meeting, and dining in an exceptionally natural ambience

Our castle hotel is something unique. Surrounded by the lush Franconian nature, the restored 14th century castle revives the heart and senses of our guests. A jewel in itself – secluded and quiet, but inside a feast on all levels. Here you can simply linger, whether for a short hotel stay, a business meeting or during a magnificent wedding. The flair: just the way you like it. Romantic and cosy or exuberant, your choice! What but remains constant is our way of hospitality: warm, easy, modest. Always presented with a keen eye for the charming and tasty.

Suitable for every occasion: the fantastic Schlosshotel Hohenstein in Upper Franconia

In the 14th century the present castle was first mentioned in documents as a fortress. After several attacks during the Peasants’ War and the Thirty Years’ War as well as several changes of ownership, today you will see what has survived: an excellently restored castle with accommodation, a restaurant, a parlour, and event spaces. A gourmet destination that serves many purposes: a special occasion, the spontaneous business dinner, an evening with friends. Or simply because is Wednesday. We’re humanitarians. That’s why we welcome anyone who wants to come up to our hotel. From the hikers, to the excursion groups, to the socialiates. Because with charm, respect, and a good heart, we believe all of our guests can be inspired after a visit.