The history of Hohenstein Castle


The first documented mention of Hohenstein Castle was in 1306, which at the time was owned by Countess Jutta von Henneberg.

16th century

During the Peasants’ War the castle fell victim to a devastating attack. It was subsequently burned to the ground and rebuilt after. The new castle was designed in the Renaissance style. During the Thirty Years’ War, Hohenstein Castle again suffered severe damages, but was once again restored.

17th century

The castle chapel was built in the second half of the 17th century. The jewel of the chapel is the chancellery with a magnificently carved sound cover, which is dated 1688. Today the castle chapel is owned by the Imhoff family and is available for church weddings of both denominations.

18th century

In 1763 Philipp Ernst Freiherr von Imhof acquired Hohenstein Castle. He and his descendants gave the castle, as well as the property belonging to it, its present appearance.

20th century

Up until the 20th century, there were several changes of ownership. Eventually, a private citizen, Oskar Hacker from Munich, acquired the castle in 1976 and had it thoroughly restored – introducing a castle hotel with a restaurant. Today Hohenstein Castle is owned by the non-profit Oskar Hacker Foundation.