Our Coburg restaurant as a down-to-earth gourmet destination

Coburg’s first address for Slow Food with heart and soul

We don’t have hip fermentation dishes that make their way from Copenhagen to Sydney in our social media. Nor do we have the classic trilogy of roast pork, sausages and dumplings. But then what do we serve?

Alexandra und Andreas Rehberger

Our kitchen at the Schlossrestaurant Hohenstein in Coburg

It is the same drive that drives a Piedmontese chef to make the perfect pumpkin tortellini, or the French to serve the most heavenly boeuf bourguignon: passion for good food and drink. The traditional tastes that characterize us as Austrians range from southern Germany to northern Italy. Now we are scooping from Franconia’s plentiful bounty, processing game and herbs, collecting elderberries, hopefully finding parasol mushrooms and working on the perfect rice meat

Of course, beer and wine will never be forgotten. But also in the forefront here is a healthy agriculture, natural production methods, craftsmanship, and above all quality. We clearly distance ourselves from uniformity and products without soul.

Furthermore, it is of utmost importance for us to direct our professional torch to the next generation and actively participate in the evolution of the gastronomy scene.

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Mittwoch bis Samstag: ab 18 Uhr
Sonntag: 12 Uhr bis 20 Uhr

Sonderöffnungszeiten: Samstag, 24.10.2020
Frühstücksangebot von 8:30 bis 11:00 Uhr