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Experience Exclusiveness – Enjoy Individuality

This is what our guests and visitors expect of us.

To pamper you and fulfill your individual demands and wishes is our highest goal.
You will experience exclusiveness in our house through the magical atmosphere of the castle, through the enchanting nature of the surrounding area and especially through our dedicated friendly service and the good cuisine, which are characteristic for the way we do things. For we also understand how to celebrate the small things of life and turn them into an experience for you.

„Our Passion as Host“

Based on our “Passion as host” it is crucial for us to offer you not only good but extraordinary service. For us your well-being is our focus and it is our goal not only to convince you, we would like to inspire you.
To meet your demands and to do everything for your well-being is the day-to-day commitment of our entire team.

A hearty welcome! 
Your Tobias Dittrich and the “good spirits”

Tobias Dittrich

Tobias Dittrich, who was born in Bamberg, returns to his home of Oberfranken after a long years journey through the gourmet restaurants of Germany and Austria to meet the challenge as host and entrepreneur in the romantic hotel “Schloss Hohenstein”.

  • Mr. Dittrich’s goal is to successfully position,

    the hotel with 15 rooms, two restaurants and the historic functions rooms for up to 110 persons newly and to make it known beyond Coburg ’s and Franconias boundaries as an outstanding address for high-quality gastronomy in the hotel sector. “That they like the food, feel good, enjoy themselves, relax and rest their mind from their daily routine und just set their soul free” is what he wants for his guests.

  • Quality

    The use of foods which are produced effectively is top priority for Tobias, as well as choosing quality before mass production. The search of old long-forgotten recipes and meals with original taste are marked byTobias’ youth of which he has spent a part on his grandparents’ farm. His grandparents on his father’s side used to run a restaurant with home style cooking in Bamberg; for example from his grandfather he learned how good pasta with ham can taste when it is prepared with love using good products.

  • This is how his desire to become a cook and his passion for this profession grew

    which led him through an exciting time of learning and traveling during which he went through many important stages. His career brought him to Germany’s best cooks, especially in the Franconian area. After his apprenticeship in Gerolzhofen in a country-side restaurant his way led him straight to “Papa Crazy”, Stephan Marquardt, in Munich at the restaurant “Lenbach” (one of the largest restaurants in Germany). Then he continued his career at the next Franconian restaurant of Alexander Herrmann in Wirsberg near Bayreuth followed by a 6-month hire on board of the “Crystal Harmony” traveling from Canada to Alaska and Panama to the Caribbean. Back on land he had the intention of working with Martin Sieber in the restaurant “Trofana Royal” in Ischgl/Tyrol for a summer season. Unfortunately his season was ended prematurely after 6 weeks by an accident and heavy floodings. After recuperating he continued his career with the shooting star of top gastronomy, Klaus Erfort, in Saarbrücken.

  • He continued with a large step on the job ladder

    and became sous-chef in a restaurant with a Michelin star on Sylt, the country-side restaurant Stricker with Holger Bodendorf. This was followed by a position as sous-chef with Armin Karrer in Fellbach near Stuttgart, also decorated with a star. This is the place where he also maintained important contact with the guests, held cookery courses and prepared caterings under his own responsibility and proved his organising ability, especially his qualities as host. At the age of 25 he accepted the challenge of becoming in-house chef in a restaurant decorated with a star to demonstrate his skills, which he passed with flying colours.

  • But his desire to open his own restaurant

    which he had ever since he was an apprentice in the restaurant of his in the meantime close friend Friedmann, grew stronger over the years. In spring 2010 he came across a great opportunity to open his own restaurant, which is even located in a castle in the region he is from. Since this summer Tobias Dittrich is now living his dream and the proud host in his fairy-tale castle “Hotel Schloss Hohenstein”. This is where Tobias and his team, which he with great recognition calls his “Good Spirits of the Hohenstein Castle” successfully pamper guests from all over the world.


08:00 am - 22:00 pm
Closed Sundays
Check In: 15:00 pm
Check Out: 11:00 am

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